SEARCH AND STATE S1-J Women Riding Jacket

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Cycle apparel brand SAS / search and state from New York
A cycle jacket that represents Search and State, which demonstrates excellent performance in three seasons other than summer, is designed in a pattern peculiar to women. The membrane used, Scholler's C-Change, has the property that its moisture permeability changes according to the vapor emitted from the body. Therefore, it is warm in winter, and in the situation where the body temperature tends to rise such as early spring and early autumn, the amount of heat released is large, which provides the best performance as a cycle jacket. In addition, it has extremely high water resistance, so it can be used as a rain jacket, but since the seams are not protected, there is a possibility of moisture intrusion even if it is used for a long time in rainy weather. The front zipper uses riri's double zipper, which has high design and water resistance, and can be used widely according to the riding situation. A similar zipper is used on the back pocket provided.

Made in New York

Size: Size:
XS (chest circumference 81 cm, sleeve length 75.5 cm, front length 47 cm, back length 63 cm)
S (chest circumference 86 cm, sleeve length 77.5 cm, front length 48 cm, back length 64.5 cm)
M (chest circumference 91 cm, sleeve length 79.5 cm, front length 50 cm, back length 67.5 cm)
L (Chest circumference 96 cm, sleeve length 81.5 cm, front length 52 cm, back length 69.5 cm)

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