SDG Allure Pendleton Limited Saddle


Color: Gray / Red
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SDG / SDG was born in a small factory in Southern California in 1991. Since then, I have consistently produced saddle seatposts. There are many models with a rugged design that is typical of California, and it goes well with bikes of various genres, mainly mountain bikes. Nowadays, the world's top players are also using it, and its performance and design are highly evaluated.

The Pendleton color, which will be limited, has joined the model called Allure, which was developed with the use of female cyclists in mind. As expected, the material is not wool, but printed on highly durable nylon material, but it is also an accent that makes it easy to sit on, and it is an item that can be recommended not only for women but also for men and women of all ages.

The base Allure is anatomically cut with a durable nylon base material to relieve pressure on the soft tissue of the bone and is reasonably soft.

Lightweight LPU foam is optimally balanced on a supportive base, and a seamless, luxurious microfiber top adds a finishing touch to this saddle. It can be used for a wide range of purposes regardless of vehicle type.



■ Flat forward platform that is easy to move on the saddle
■ Down curve nose that supports climbing
■ Center hall that creates a soft seating comfort



Category: Recreational Trail and All Terrain Trekking
Weight: 260g
Size: 265mmx143mm
Rail material: Cro-Mo
Epidermis: Two-piece seamless stitched cover
Foam Material: Lightweight PU Foam

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