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In 1981, SCHWALBE started tire development with the support of Wolfgang Reiche (34 years old at the time) who was planning a world bicycle trip and looking for reliable tires.

Based on Reiche's report, he delivered a prototype to him who is running all over the world, and while repeating the test in actual running, he ran over 73,000 km in 32 countries over 4 years, and finally the marathon Was born.

After that, while adopting the technology of the present generation, minor changes were repeated, and it is now a long-selling model representing SCHWALBE.

 A compound (rubber) with excellent wear resistance and weather resistance is used to maintain high performance for a long period of time, including puncture resistance due to the 3 mm thick puncture resistant belt "Green Guard". A wide range of sizes from small wheel bikes to 29 inches, with good grip and rolling, the definitive comfort tire.Not only as a touring tire, but also for daily use such as commuting to work or school due to its wide range of sizes, durability and high puncture resistance.


-The 3mm-thick puncture-resistant belt "Green Guard" has a sticky sponge-like rubber placed under the tread surface to prevent punctures caused by sharp objects such as nails and glass fragments.

-Endurance compound, which boasts high wear resistance, maintains suppleness for a long period of time and maintains grip performance.

-The sidewalls, which are resistant to cracks and have high rigidity, suppress deformation during rotation and are not easily twisted even in corners, achieving high running performance.

-A reflector is attached to improve visibility when driving at night.

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