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SPECTRA®︎ X-Gridstop specifications have joined the standard of lightweight fanny packs!

RAW LOW MOUNTAIN WORKS is a mountain gear brand launched by two designers who are hikers and cyclists with the concept of "to all hikers who love mountains and nature"... Keeping in mind the initial urge to design what they want to use, each product group with the spirit of "creating only what they want to create" has their message.

RAWLOW MOUNTAIN WORKS Popular classic fanny pack, Nuts Pack.

Speaking of Funny Pack, we cyclists are familiar with it, it can be used as a waist bag, but it is also easy to use even if you have a diagonal bag on your shoulder. Since it wasn't there, it was also used as a sub-bag when hiking.

A compact fit that fits the body like a body bag, various usages, and a very well-balanced gear when used again in the mountains. Of course, it works well as a waist bag for more active movements such as riding and climbing.

This is normalMade by INVISTAMade by Honeywell, not CODURA®︎ silnylonSPECTRA®︎ X-Gridstop nylonIt will be a model using.

While maintaining the functionality of multi-use bungee cords and packable specifications, the strength is enhanced by the Spectra®︎ fibers arranged in a grid pattern.




Material: 200D SPECTRA®︎ X-Gridstop nylon
Capacity: 3.5L
size:W230mm x H150mm x D 90mm (when packable is stored115mm x 95mm)
Color: Black, Brown, White, Red


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