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People to people. Things and people. Things and people. Things and things.

I think that there are people who have triggered the connection between things and various things to keep the relationship comfortable for a long time.

I commute by bicycle every day, ride with friends on holidays, and speaking of the relationship between my bicycle and myself, I think I wouldn't have been able to connect without Circles. I am ashamed to say that my wife's relationship is also the same, and I was able to get married because I had the person who gave me the opportunity to meet and a common friend, and I am still able to spend time with them.

The mechanics have assembled the bicycles that you and you ride safely, comfortably, and for a long time, so you can rest assured that you will be able to take care of yourself. And those bicycles are made up of many parts that are combined according to the application, and by applying grease or oil between them, you can continue to use it safely for a long time.

There are various things that are visible and invisible, but something that connects them is very important.

Tabi-shaped socks that we make,Tabby Is made based on the idea that socks for connecting feet to shoes and sandals are very important. Tabby made with such thoughts is something that we can continue to wear comfortably for a long time as we spend our work, play, and various days.

Tabby is made by using a special knitting machine, which is limited even in Japan, so that the length of the finger that can firmly enter the crotch of the thumb and index finger and the width that covers the entire finger are also allowed. I was able to get a shape that fits the feet of more people very naturally. In addition, by using a wool blend yarn, it is finished so that you can spend the day comfortably even in the ever-changing foot conditions.

But in this hot season, you need something that dries faster and keeps your sweaty feet fresh.

And this time, I will introduce a new one Tabby Sport Was born as a pair to spend this time more comfortably, with functions that are perfect for the coming season.


Functionality for a comfortable summer

This new tabby sport uses a blend of cotton and acrylic as the main yarn for improved breathability and quick-drying. Not only after strenuous exercise, but also during work, play, and various days, you can feel the comfort. In addition, this thread with excellent hygroscopicity has a very soft texture, and since it is given a natural antibacterial and deodorant treatment (Ron Fresh ®), it suppresses the odor generated from sweat and is always comfortable to wear. Provides comfort.


Shape corresponding to various activities

Not only for cycling, but also for trail running, skateboarding, and other sports that require more active movement, the shape is designed so that you can enjoy a tighter fit.

And by adopting a unique manufacturing method that wraps the heel from the ankle, it firmly supports the ankle and prevents the heel from slipping.

The ball part, which has the same color as the toe part, has a three-dimensional shape in consideration of improving the range of motion to the toe. In addition, since it is a place where a heavy burden is applied, excellent durability is provided by firmly knitting the reinforcing thread in the same way as the toe and heel parts.


Excellent cushioning for a comfortable day

Since the sole is knitted by a manufacturing method called tuck knitting, it fits firmly on the sole of the foot, supports the force to step on the ground firmly, and also has cushioning performance due to the pile structure. Its excellent cushioning reduces the burden on the soles of the feet during activities such as running and trekking as well as daily life.

Completed with functions that are perfect for the coming seasonTabby sportsNot only on hot summer days, but also on cold winter days, it is a pair that eliminates sweat chills by having excellent hygroscopicity and quick-drying properties.

I myself, from samples to finished products, something like this these daysTabby sportsI wear it all the time, but it is an indispensable pair for various situations such as riding and running, as well as when I am relaxing at home and working at Circles.

By all means, many of you will find the new RAL HOSE.Tabby sportsWe would be very happy if you could experience it and use it in your summer activities and daily life.

S (23-24.5 cm), M (25-27 cm), L (27.5-29.5 cm), XL (30-cm)

Cotton 31%, Acrylic 31%, Polyester 23%, Nylon 11%, Polyurethane 4%

Japan, Nara

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