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size: 15" Nylon Buckle / Black

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 Knot care at all!!

Easy-to-use straps for anything support the Utah-based winter sports scene such as backcountry and telemark skiing in the United States. VOILEBy.

Originally it is a simple strap invented to fix the ski board, but the length 20 "is available with nylon buckle and aluminum buckle depending on how you use it, and XL with aluminum buckle only is 32". It is a heavy-duty specification that not only has the setting but also the thickness and thickness to give it more strength. 

Pack It Right!!

—— Would you like to tie the inner tube and tire lever to the frame?

--Fix the U-shaped lock to the basket?

――If you run in the endless desert, it's hugeNalgene bottleDo you put a lot of water in it and tie it to a large bottle cage?

Now you don't have to worry about your luggage rattling or rattling.
You can use it in any way depending on your ideas.

Illustration By Edit design&supply 


UV-Resistant Polyurethane 

Nylon : Super Tough Nylon
Aluminum & XL Aluminum : Hardened Aluminum 

15" / 38.1cm with Nylon Buckle
20" / 50.8cm with Nylon Buckle
20" / 50.8cm with Aluminum Buckle
32" / 81.3cm with XL Aluminum Buckle

Utha, U.S.A 


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