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size: 20 "Aluminum Buckle / Cyan

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 Knot care at all !!

Easy-to-use straps for anything support the Utah-based winter sports scene such as backcountry and telemark skiing in the United States. VOILEBy.

Originally it was a simple strap that was invented to fix the ski board, but the length 20 "has a nylon buckle and an aluminum buckle depending on how it is used, and the XL with only the aluminum buckle is as long as 32". It is a heavy-duty specification that not only has the setting but also the thickness and thickness to give it more strength. 

Pack It Right !!

-Do you tie the inner tube and tire lever to the frame?

--Fix the U-shaped lock to the basket?

――If you run in the endless desert, it's hugeNalgene bottleDo you put a lot of water in it and tie it to a large bottle cage?

Now you don't have to worry about your luggage fluttering or rattling.
You can use it in any way depending on your idea.

Illustration By Edit design & supply 


UV-Resistant Polyurethane 

Nylon: Super Tough Nylon
Aluminum & XL Aluminum: Hardened Aluminum 

20 "/ 50.8cm with Nylon Buckle
20 "/ 50.8cm with Aluminum Buckle
32 "/ 81.3cm with XL Aluminum Buckle

Utha, U.S.A 


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