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COLOR: One Wash
SIZE: 26
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The best jeans for cyclists

The signature item of the brand that made ALL YOU RS a household name, and the reason we started carrying it. High Kick Jeans are made of 100% cotton, but they stretch better than any other jeans.

The comfort of these jeans can be compared to sweatshirts or thick tights without any stress, and you will feel betrayed in a good way if you put your feet through them thinking that they are jeans.

However, the fading and frayed feel of the fabric after wearing them is like that of regular 100% cotton jeans.

High-kick jeans have become an inseparable part of the cyclist's wardrobe thanks to their excellent elasticity. However, ALL YOURS items were not originally made for cyclists.

LIFE SPEC As the company states, "LIFE SPEC / Life Specs", our items are designed to be items that you would casually slip on and off everyday, from desk work to farm work, from biking to hiking, and of course while lounging around at home, and that have functions to make your life comfortable and stress-freE

We decided to make the item more user-friendly for cyclists, and this is what we came up with. High Kick Riding Jeans High Kick Riding Jeans

The best original line for cyclists

There are several differences from the regular product, but the first thing we would like to introduce is the silhouettE

First of all, the silhouette has been made as narrow as possible to prevent the hem of the pants from rubbing against chains and chainrings. However, it is not enough just to make it thin.

A large amount of data was needed to create the thinnest and most beautiful silhouette possiblE So we asked Allurez to compile all the data from their customization program, which they routinely perform in their stores, to create the perfect balance of the best lines we were looking for.

From button fly to zipper version

The button fly, which has become a staple in ALL YOURS pants, was replaced with a zipper. The zipper problem, which can be said to be the fate of elastic pants, was made possible by adjusting the fabric from the finishing stagE

Now you can take them on and off quickly, without wasting a minute or a second.

One additional belt loop

The belt loop at the center of the back of the zipper has been shifted from the center to two loops on the left and right. This is a bit of a playful idea, which started with the idea of shifting them to the left side to add a vintage 501-like detail. We decided to add one more belt on the left and one more on the right, so that the belt would hold the waist firmly when leaning forward. This would ultimately lead to durability. In fact, of all the belt loops on my High Kick Jeans that I have worn for the past three years, it is the ones on the back that have the most damagE This is one of the best choices for long wear.

Leather patch with RAL branding

Other changes from the regular line include the original RAL meets ALL YOURS nametag, a white tab on the right back pocket with the letter D, the initials of the previous brand name, DEEPE'S WEAR, changed to green as well as the nametag, and a leather patch with the RAL branding. In addition, the leather patch is now branded with RAL.

Originally, the color of this leather patch would change and wrinkles would be carved into the leather as it is worn, adding depth to its expression.

A fabric that does not easily lose its shape

Another important point is that normal jeans, especially stretch jeans, tend to lose their shape after wearing. However, the fabric used here is made using a special thread, so it is almost impossible for them to lose their shapE

SPEC Specifications

  • Color: One Wash
  • Material: 91% cotton, 7% polyester, 2% polyurethane
  • Place of origin: Okayama, Japan
Size Waist Inseam Thigh Circumference Hem Circumference
26 inches 62.5cm 78.0cm 29.9cm 13.3cm
28inch 67.5cm 80.0cm 31.1cm 14.3cm
30 inches 72.5cm 80.0cm 32.3cm 15.3cm
32inch 77.5cm 80.0cm 33.5cm 16.1cm
34inch 82.5cm 80.0cm 34.8cm 16.9cm
36 inches 87.5cm 80.0cm 36.0cm 17.7cm
38 inches 92.5cm 80.0cm 37.3cm 18.5cm

*The figures are actual dimensions.

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Regarding the delivery of completed vehicles

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  • Some parts of the bike will be removed for packing. We strongly recommend that you have your bicycle assembled at your nearest bicycle store.
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  • We apologize for any sales discrepancies at the store.

Regarding the delivery of frame sets

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  • We can also install a headset and BB for a fee, so please feel free to contact us.

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