COLOR: Black Leather
SIZE: 3.5 UK / 38
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newly introduced a performance line, which used to focus on classic leather shoes.

The new line is competition-ready, but with a classic feel and styling that goes well with the latest trend of simple, colorful, and beautiful cycling jerseys.

And for those of you who have given up on these because they are not available in your size, we have some good news!
We now have a new lineup of sizes 38 (22.5cm), 39 (23.5cm), and 40 (24.5cm) for Japan!

New patented lacing system Lock-Lace system
newly developed by QUOC is equipped with the Lock-Lace system, realizing an excellent fit and reducing slippage.

Microfiber and black leather upper
High-performance material of microfiber is adopted, which is breathable, extremely lightweight and easy to care for.
In addition, the cowhide leather model, unique to Quoc, which specializes in leather, will become deeper with each passing year and distance.
Care is the same as for regular leather shoes.

Carbon composite sole
Lightweight carbon composite material is used to provide strength, light weight, and moderate flex. The heel cup is replaceable. The ventilation system penetrates to the inside of the shoe to maximize the reduction of steam inside the shoe.

Insole and heel cup
The insole is made of microfiber that absorbs and dissipates perspiration and suppresses odor. The heel cup is equipped with 3M™ reflectors for added safety when running at night.

Microfiber model: 283 g (size 43)
Leather model: 323 g (size 43)

Size: We are changing from QP size to UK size.
The size of the shoes themselves will not change.
Size Conversion Chart
(former QP size 38) - UK3.5 - US4.5 - EU37.5 - JP22.5
(Former QP size 39) - UK4.5 - US5.5 - EU38.5 - JP23.5
(Former QP size 40) - UK5.5 - US6.5 - EU39.5 - JP24.5
(Former QP size 41) - UK6.5 - US7.5 - EU40.5 - JP25.5
(Former QP size 42) - UK7.5 - US8.5 - EU41.5 - JP26.5
(Former QP size 43) - UK8.5 - US9.5 - EU42.5 - JP27.5
(Former QP size 44) - UK9.5 - US10.5 - EU43.5 - JP28.5
(Former QP size 45) - UK10.5 - US11.5 - EU44.5 - JP29.5
(Former QP size 46) - UK11.5 - US12.5 - EU45.5 - JP30.5
(Former QP size 47) - UK12.5 - US13.5 - EU46.5 - JP31.5

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