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Expertise accumulated in the highest peak racing experience. P ZERO VELO sets a new standard in the performance of road bike clincher tires. Developed by PIRELLI, SMART NET SILICA offers excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions, providing unmatched puncture resistance and cruising range.

SMARTNET SILICA: Innovative patented silica compound
Anisotropic arrangement of silica particles reduces rolling resistance. The inherent water affinity of silica is enhanced by the large surface area of the rod-shaped silica molecules, providing high wet grip performance. By interacting with other chemicals in the compound, you can improve puncture resistance and extend mileage.

FUNCTIONAL GROOVE DESIGN: Designed with technology and optimized sealand ratio (ratio of groove area to tread surface). It provides performance close to that of racing slick tires and control performance on wet roads.
IDEAL CONTOUR SHAPING: Advanced profiling shaping dramatically improves stability at high speeds and controllability at deep tilt angles.
size  23-622、25-622、28-622
weight 195g (23c), 210g (25c), 230g (28c)
casing 127 tpi
Puncture resistant ARAMID BELT
compound Smart net silica

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