PEATY'S x Chris King Mk2 Tubeless Valves


Size Size: 42mm
Color: Black
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From the fact that it fully supports the MTB team (which is also quite hardcore!) That is thrilling now, such as Santa Cruz Syndicate and 50/01, you can see that it is a brand that loves to ride a motorcycle.
Director Steve Peate is a genuine rider who has climbed the World Cup podium many times.
They work with professional riders, mechanics, scientists, designers and engineers to create simple and easy-to-use products to increase your bike time.

A tubeless valve that combines design and function.

mk2 tubeless valveIs compatible with all rim inserts and comes with spoke keycaps and valve core removal caps.

The MK2 valve comes with the world's first spoke key presta valve cap.
The spoke keys are compatible with standard 3.4mm spoke nipples and are the perfect tool for tightening loose spokes on the trail side.

The color is of course a perfect match for Chris King's products.



Color: Black, Mango, Navy, Punch, Red, Silver, Slate, Violet, Emerald,Turquoise,Bourbon
Material: 7075 made of aluminum
Length: 42mm, 60mm

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