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From the fact that it fully supports the MTB team (which is also quite hardcore!) That is thrilling now, such as Santa Cruz Syndicate and 50/01, you can see that it is a brand that loves to ride a motorcycle.
Director Steve Peate is a genuine rider who has climbed the World Cup podium many times.
They work with professional riders, mechanics, scientists, designers and engineers to create simple and easy-to-use products to increase your bike time.

Closes holes up to 6 mm.

Peaty's Tubeless Sealant is an ammonia-free, non-hazardous latex-based tubeless tire compound. In warm climates, the effect lasts for 6 months in the tire.

In addition, the biodegradable glitter plate accommodates holes and crevices up to 6 mm, and corrosion inhibitors prevent tire and rim deterioration.

The platelet contained in the sealant is a bioglitter made from a specially shaped cellulose of hardwood, mainly eucalyptus, procured from managed and certified plantations in accordance with PEFC ™ standards. Bio-glitter acts like platelets in the blood and collects in the back of the tire hole, with a fast-acting sealant closing the tire hole.


C02 compatible: Available
Usable air pressure: 15-120psi
Corresponding temperature: -20 ° C to + 50 °

Recommended usage

Road 30-45ml
Cyclocross 60-75ml
26 inch MTB 60 --80 ml
27.5 "MTB 70-90ml
29 "MTB 100-120ml

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