PEAK DESIGN Micro Plate Capture


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In 2010, he succeeded in raising funds at Kickstarter in the United States and made his name known to the world photography industry.Peak Design /Peak design.. The Capture Camera Clip, which came out as a product, was a breakthrough to eliminate the dissatisfaction of founder Peter when shooting outdoors.Funded by many people around the world who have the same problems, it has been successfully commercialized, and now this capture has been upgraded and is loved by people all over the world, including outdoor photographers. ..

Quick replate for small cameras and cameras where the bottom and lens interfere. Can be attached to Capture from two directions, with a hand strap and a hole for Micro Anchor in two directions. Compatible with many ARCA type heads. Machine cutting and alumite processing.

Main Specifications

size 4.3cm x 2.9cm

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