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In 2010, he succeeded in raising funds at Kickstarter in the United States and made his name known to the world photography industry.Peak Design /Peak design.. The Capture Camera Clip, which came out as a product, was a breakthrough to eliminate the dissatisfaction of founder Peter when shooting outdoors.Funded by many people around the world who have the same problems, it has been successfully commercialized, and now this capture has been upgraded and is loved by people all over the world, including outdoor photographers. ..

Four years after the capture V2 released in 2013, the long-awaited capture V3 has finally been released. Capture V3 is 30% lighter, 20% thinner and lower than V2, yet still functions. The pro version is gone, and there is one type and two colors. The conventional plate lock has been eliminated and it has become simpler. Also, the thickness of the camera plate has become thinner. Most camera plates made by Peak Design can be attached.
(Dual plate (PL-D-1), capture POV / POV kit plate is not supported)

In addition, a long clamping bolt that is fixed with a hexagon wrench is included, eliminating the need to purchase it separately. Propad (PP-1) cannot be used. Please use the new Pro Pad (PP-2).

Main Specifications

Color black
External dimensions H4.0 x W8.3 x D2.0cm
weight 84g (including plate)
Included items 2 long clamping bolts, hex wrench, soft pouch

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