PAUL COMPONENT Minimoto Linear Pull Brake

COLOR: Hi-polish

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Paul Components refurbished the garage, which was the former oil distribution facility for Texaco Oil until 1926 in Chico, California, in 1989, and continues to carefully manufacture bicycle parts in the garage. And Paul is making great products every day, believing that simple ideas should be combined with easy maintainability and a high level of functionality.

Mini V brake corresponding to the short pull lever which is the load lever ratio. Compatible with most major drop bar brake levers with integrated shifters.

Due to the characteristics of V-brake, it is easier to set up than cantilever brake, and it has advantages even in the mechanical part. The brake arm with a large curve on the side is designed to ensure sufficient clearance when a cyclocross or wide fender that easily gets mud is attached. Of course, it has higher braking power than cantilever brakes, so it is also recommended for upgrading cyclocross bikes.

The simple quick release pivot of the brake arm is designed to make it easy to unfold the brake arm when removing the wheel.

1 wheel is sold, so if you need a front and rear set, please purchase 2 sets.

Material 6061 Aluminum
Cable Pull Short Pull
Brake Pads Kool-Stop Salmon Thinline
Weight 108g / wheel

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