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Paul Components refurbished the garage, which was the former oil distribution facility for Texaco Oil until 1926 in Chico, California, in 1989, and continues to carefully manufacture bicycle parts in the garage. And Paul is making great products every day, believing that simple ideas should be combined with easy maintainability and a high level of functionality.

The handlebar end that achieves the most natural grip among the existing bar ends.
Of course, it is elaborately carved at Chico's factory.
It relieves numb hands and wrist discomfort when riding for a long time, and assists you when climbing.

Have you ever run a very long distance and tired enough to hang from the edge of the flat / riser bar? Yes, this chim chim bar end is perfect for such a person. By rotating your wrist and tilting it to another position, you can relieve tiredness and numbness when running all day long.

The end has a threaded lid, which is a secret hiding place. Keep a matchstick in case of an emergency, or add extra cleat bolts, chain links, or fresh herbs as a hidden seasoning for camping dishes!

weight 224g (pair)
Material American 6061 Aluminum
Bar clamp diameter 22.2mm (7/8 ")
length 118mm overall end to end
Specified torque 5.5Nm

*: Not recommended for carbon handles. If you are uncertain, we recommend that you check with the handle manufacturer to see if it supports bar end installation.

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