PARKTOOL CT-4.3 Master Chain Tool


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The prestigious PARK TOOL of Bicycle Tool has finally done it!

It is a chain cutter that is firmly designed so that it can work correctly even with a very tight tolerance of 10 to 12 speed chains and a narrow profile, but it is currently the strongest chain cutter that also supports old-fashioned 5 to 9 speed chains. ..

The CT-4.3 is a powerful and accurate tool designed to quickly and accurately remove and install chain rivets, and is arguably the most accurate chain tool ever manufactured by Park Tool.



  • Compatible with 5-12 speed derailleur chains
  • Includes removable peening anvil for Campagnolo® 11 and 12 speed chains
  • Perfectly designed link pockets align all chains in the correct position
  • Perfectly shaped cushion handle
  • Consists of an accurately machined cast body and parts
  • Replaceable rotating pin (part number)CTP-4K

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