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In-flight magazine read on the ground "Travel lifestyle magazine that travels the world from Japan with the concept ofPAPERSKY.. Interested in people and the places behind them, introduce the nature, culture, people's lifestyles of various countries and cities, and the beauty of Japan as seen from the "inside" and "outside", and enrich the journey. Tells the story to do.



OREGON | Cycling issue

To a bicycle trip to experience the life of Oregon with model / actress Miyako Takayama

Surrounded by beautiful nature, Oregon on the west coast of the United States. Portland, the state capital, is known as the most desirable city in the United States and is also home to many immigrants. This time, I went on a bicycle trip around Oregon. The guest of the trip is Miyako Takayama, who works as a model and actress and attracts many female supporters for her wonderful lifestyle. This is a special feature of a bicycle trip where you can experience the charm of Oregon while enjoying the leisurely flow of time.

■ Miyako Takayama Profile
Born in Osaka in 1982. Widely active as a beauty model and actress. My hobbies are cooking and marathon. Instagram is popular as "# Miyare Gohan", which introduces dishes and vessels every day. In my hobby marathon20163 hours at Yokohama Marathon41I have a record of minutes. In his own book, there is "Tips for spending" Miyako Takayama's beauty, food, and appearance "Tatakani" and "being yourself".

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