PANARACER Pasela Jacket


size: 700x25c
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Panaracer's PASELA jacket is the top model of the "PASELA series", which is a standard model for commuting to work, school and touring, and is a high-performance tire that has both high durability and light weight.

The Pasera jacket, which has both high durability and light weight, adopts the anti-flat casing that is also used for the popular gravel tire gravel king, improving side cut resistance and rim hitting puncture resistance, and also for a long time. Uses a mile cruncher compound with excellent wear resistance that can withstand riding.

By adopting a thick nylon cord of 800 denier, while maintaining side cut resistance, the weight is significantly reduced by nearly 40% compared to standard Pasera Blacks, and those who want to run lightly while avoiding puncture risk It is a recommended tire for.



Weight: 290g (700 x 28C), 310g (700 x 32C)

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