PANARACER Dart Classic


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The father of all MTB tires and the gold standard of MTB tires presented by Japan's world-class bicycle components maker, PANARACER. Smoke & Dart

It is said that Dart, a folding tire of the gum sidewall, which is ideal for new equipment of old MTB in the 1980s and 90s, was specially designed for front wheels and Smoke for rear wheels, making full use of the latest technology at that time. According to Panaracer, "The smoke classic 3D knob design for the rear provides great grip when climbing and braking, and the dirt classic arrow-shaped tread for the front never traces. The monumental MTB tire design that does not remove the line. "

Reuse is being reviewed by the promotion of the modern sustainability society, but the bicycle industry is also a problem that cannot be ignored. With the latest MTB, which is steadily evolving equipment and being forgotten because the trend speed is too fast, as a new tire option for reusing Old Mountain, which is regaining attention as a cool city riding bicycle, Why don't you choose the monumental tower of Panaracer that Japan is proud of?



Size: 26 x 2.10 "(ETRTO: 50-559)
Bead: Aramid
Color: Black x Skin
Appropriate air pressure: 30-65 PSI
Weight: 620g

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