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The outer shell stack sack harness has been updated and is back with the name Handlebar Harness.

When Kyle simply reimagined packing, everyone would have experienced the most primitive and simple way to tie a bag to a handlebar with a strap, brushed up with an outer shell interpretation. This is the handlebar harness.

This harness that can be attached to the handlebarOf course, you can use it alone in combination with a dry bag.Drawcord Handlebar BagCan be placed on the front and used in combination. The strap that comes with the harness has been updated from nylon to a VoileStrap 32 "XL Strap, which has evolved into a simpler and more robust system that can be adjusted according to the luggage to be tied up.

The attached foam spacer isTo prevent interference with the brake lever and cableSecure space.. Fits most cylindrical objects with a diameter of 4-9 inches. Use in combination with an oval dry bag (sold separately) or in combination with your own bag.


  • Any cylindrical object with a diameter of about 10 cm to 22 cm will fit.

  • Durable, reasonably flexible plastic body

  • Can be attached to any bike using the included pad spacer

  • Includes 8 pad spacers

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