NORRONA Skibotn Wool 3/4 T-Shrit


Color: Olive Drab
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Born in NorwayNORRØNA
Founded in 1929 by Norwegian outdoor enthusiast Jørgen Jørgensen, the outdoor equipment brand has been taken over by family business and solid craftsmanship and is now in its fourth generation. While aiming to develop the highest quality outdoor products, the idea is that "Norona products are great in their own right, but Norona products that are still in use after 10 years are better". We continue to produce good products that will be used for a long time.


Skibotn Wool Equalizer Long SleeveExclusive line developed for mountain bikes. The body of the merino wool blend is made by blending polypropylene synthetic fibers to achieve both quick-drying and durability. In addition, the back side that comes into contact with the skin has fine border-like irregularities that absorb and diffuse sweat more quickly and keep the skin comfortable. UV processing is also applied. With its simple design and color, it can be used as a cut-and-sew for any activity, as a base layer, or for everyday use.

Weight: 220g

Material: 18.9 Micron Merino Wool W / Polypropylene 125g / ², 17.5 Micron Merino Wool W / Elastane 140g / m²

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