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NITTO's brand Mod 177 is a drop bar that is called Noodle Bar all over the world and continues to be loved, a bar shape that even riders who already like drop bars will be even more crazy about, and the drop bar is a little It is an excellent drop bar that can catch even the heart of the rider who thinks ...

The noodle bar may be the most comfortable drop bar for any cyclist. The shape has a flat top that sweeps back a little towards the rider, bringing the bar closer, and the drop (bottom) flared out 4 °. But what matters is the ramp just behind the bar where the brake lever fits. Many riders often put their hands there, so if the slope is too steep, there will be no support and the hands will slip forward or down. Most bar slopes are about 24 to 32 degrees, but noodle bar slopes are 5 degrees already flat so that if you tilt the bar properly at 15 °, the edges will point down about 10 °. So if your hands get sweaty, you won't slip down from there.

It is not recommended that this noodle bar be as wide as your shoulders, just like you would choose a regular handlebar. I think the bar size, which is wider than the shoulder width, is better for most people.

Made in Japan by NITTO
Designed by Rivendell U.S.A.



Width: 400mm, 420mm, 440mm, 460mm, 480mm
Clamp diameter: 26.0mm
Handle diameter: 23.8mm
Bar end inner diameter: Approximately 20 mm
Material: Aluminum (460 mm or more is heat-treated to give strength.)

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