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NITE-IZE started in 1989 when Click Case, a college student in Colorado, came up with a headband for lights from the experience of dropping lights into the water and made it a big hit. Since then, he has commercialized various ideas and has been selected for the Editor's Choice Award for outdoor magazine backpackers for the second consecutive year. We continue to develop products under the banner of "INNOVATION", which is creativity and self-reliance, trust and continuity.

The S-Biner can be easily locked by simply sliding the tips on both sides of the carabiner hook.
The locks can be opened and closed one by one, making it convenient to connect, attach, and carry the keys.
With a D-shaped carabiner, it takes time to remove multiple keys and tools, but by making the design S-shaped, the hook with the key and the hook to be attached to the belt are separated and attached. & Removal is very smooth. It has a wider range of uses than ordinary D-type carabiners.

Brass is a Japanese limited color of S Binner.

* Never use it for climbing. Please do not carry your luggage. Please keep the weight etc. when using.



S Binner Plus [No2]
● Size: 50mm x 22mm
● Material: Stainless steel
● Weight: 10g
● Load capacity: 4.5kg(Guide)


S Binner Plus [No3]
● Size: 66mm x 28mm
● Material: Stainless steel
● Weight: 20g
● Load capacity: 11kg(Guide)

Stainless S Binner [No2]
● Size: 50mm x 20mm
● Weight: 8g
● Material: Stainless steel
● Weight resistance: 4.5kg (approximate)

Stainless S Binner [No3]
● Size: 67mm x 29mm
● Weight: 15g
● Material: Stainless steel
● Weight resistance: 11kg (approximate)

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