MUCOFF Hydro Dynamic Chain Lube


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State-of-the-art chain lube developed in collaboration with TEAM SKY and conquered four Grand Tour

The ultimate chain lube that incorporates all the performance required for TEAM SKY chain lubes and was developed for maximum lubrication quality.
It's surprisingly durable over long distances and in adverse conditions, making it especially suitable for long rides and cyclocross.
Suitable for all environments, from stormy weather filled with humidity to dry weather with dust.

Ideal for road cycling and cyclocross
Demonstrates ultimate performance in both wet and wet environments and dusty dry conditions in dry areas
Petroleum component free for ecology
Synthetic polymer formulation for long distance
High durability
You can check the adhesion status of the lube with the attached UV light
Dedicated bottle that anyone can easily apply

how to use

STEP 1: Before use, completely remove the oil remaining on the chain with a cleaner etc.
* Please use the MUC-OFF cleaner.
STEP 2: Make sure that the drive chain is sufficiently dry before using it.
STEP 3: Shake the container well and rotate the pedal in the opposite direction to apply an appropriate amount to the inner chain link.
STEP 4: Use the included UV light to make sure the lube is well applied
STEP 5: Carefully wipe off excess lube.
STEP 6: Ideally used 3-4 hours before boarding

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