MSR Pocket Sized Water Filter


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Established in 1969 with the mission of "keeping all mountaineers safe in the backcountry" MSR (Mountain Safety Research) / Mountain Safety Research Makes full use of its long-standing technology and science to propose solutions to the problems faced by mountaineers by developing excellent gear.

The Water Filter is a lightweight, compact water purifier with a high filtration capacity of only 145.8g. The main body that covers the filter is a pump, and water can be purified just by grasping it. Since you can drink directly while purifying water, you can get water from a small puddle. Of course, you can also inject water into the bottle. The hollow fiber membrane filter has a water purification capacity of about 1 L per minute, and the life of the filter is about 2,000 L. On-site self-cleaning is possible.

For those who camp in the absence of water, BBQ on the riverbank, of course, for mountaineering, and in case something goes wrong. Because it is lightweight and compact, it does not get in the way and is a water purifier that can be used in all situations.


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