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Mikashima Industrial / MKS pedals that have been making pedals since 1949. It is still the only manufacturer that is particular about production in Japan. We carry out consistent production in-house from forging and pressing to cutting, heat treatment, barrel polishing, welding, and assembly, and we are the only manufacturer in Japan that has received NJS certification, and NJS certified products are hand-built one by one. I will.

It is a manufacturer that supports the feet of many cyclists regardless of their use, from commuter bikes to touring bikes, truck bikes and road bikes.


From city riding to touring
Flat pedal that is not slippery and has a wide tread

Lambda pedals with a unique design. The front and rear bumps bite firmly into sneakers and outdoor shoes, making them less slippery even when wet. The tread surface is wide and easy to step on, and the lightened aluminum body weighs 420g.


  • It features a large vertical tread and a sucker-shaped grip.
    The unique design attracts attention.
  • The large double-sided step that is hard to slip is easy to ride even in town riding.
  • MKS original easy attachment / detachment mechanismEzy Superior systemAllows easy and easy attachment and detachment without tools.
    Ideal for folding bikes and wheeling.

* Ezy Superior series and Ezy series are not compatible. Please be careful.

Body: Aluminum
Side plate: Aluminum / Die-cast
Size: W78 x L119
Tread: Both sides
Bearing: Ball bearing
Toe clip attached: Not possible
Reflector: Installed
Uses: Off-road, wheeling, city riding
Weight: 487g

* Size notation: W = tread width, L = tread front and back width

* A thin pedal spanner (wrench width 15 mm, thickness 3.2 mm or less) is required for the first adapter installation.
MKS original that is ideal for wearingPEDAL SPANNEROr use a hub spanner.


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