MKS Ezy Superior Adapter


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Mikashima Industrial / MKS pedals that have been making pedals since 1949. It is still the only manufacturer that is particular about production in Japan. We carry out consistent production in-house from forging and pressing to cutting, heat treatment, barrel polishing, welding and assembly, and we are the only manufacturer in Japan that has received NJS certification, and NJS certified products are hand-built one by one. increase. It is a manufacturer that supports the feet of many cyclists regardless of their use, such as commuter bikes, touring bikes, truck bikes and road bikes.

A set of adapters compatible with the Ezy Superior series, which is convenient for wheeling.

The Ezy Superior series is a pedal system that can be easily attached and detached without tools.
It is especially suitable for folding bicycles when traveling on a wheel or in a vehicle.

Clip pedals and binding pedals can be used when touring, and double-sided flat pedals can be used when riding in the city.



set content:Ezy Superior Adapter L / R, 2 crank spacers

* Ezy Superior series and Ezy series are not compatible. please note.

* A thin pedal spanner (wrench width 15 mm, thickness 3.2 mm or less) is required to install the adapter for the first time.
MKS original that is most suitable for wearingPEDAL SPANNEROr use a hub spanner.

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