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Mikashima Industrial / MKS pedals that have been making pedals since 1949. It is still the only manufacturer that is particular about production in Japan. We carry out consistent production in-house from forging and pressing to cutting, heat treatment, barrel polishing, welding, and assembly, and we are the only manufacturer in Japan that has received NJS certification, and NJS certified products are hand-built one by one. I will.

It is a manufacturer that supports the feet of many cyclists regardless of their use, from commuter bikes to touring bikes, truck bikes and road bikes.


  • Uses spike pins with low aggression. You can easily use it with everyday shoes.
  • Considering the shape of the shoe, the concave design is slightly concave toward the center of the pedal. This stabilizes the foot position so that it sticks, and provides grip even if it is not a hard spike pin.
  • Uses triple shield bearings. The smooth rotation performance provides comfortable pedaling.
  • A stylish appearance with a shot blast finish.
  • A clipless strap can be attached.

* Bearings are maintenance-free. Do not disassemble.
The cap is also responsible for bearing adjustment, so opening it may cause rattling.
Please be careful.

MKS original easy attachment / detachment mechanismEzy Superior systemAllows easy and easy attachment and detachment without tools.Ideal for folding bikes and wheeling.


Color / silver
Body / aluminum
Size / W84mm x L110mm (effective tread L92mm)
Tread / both sides
Bearing / Triple Shield Bearing
Toe clip attached / not possible
Reflector / Cannot be installed
Recommended use / Touring, off-road, wheeling, city riding
Weight / 381g (Normal) / 434g (Ezy Superior)

* Size notation: W = tread width, L = tread front and back width

* In the case of Ezy Superior Version, a thin pedal spanner (wrench width 15 mm, thickness 3.2 mm or less) is required for the first adapter installation. Please use MKS original PEDAL SPANNER or hub spanner that is most suitable for mounting.

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