MIRRYCLE Road Mirror

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The Millicle Road Mirror is a mirror developed to fit SHIMANO STI * shifters / brake levers. Road mirrors are minimal components and are designed to fit a variety of STI levers.

To attach the mirror, remove the top of the rubber hood from the STI lever clip, slide the mirror base onto the top of the lever clip, and then put the hood back into the clip, including the mirror base.

When attached to the lever, the Millicle Road Mirror is positioned optimally when viewed from behind, so you can quickly see behind by simply moving your eyes.

It can be attached to the left or right lever.
Contains all the parts needed for installation.

The mirror part is a circular glass convex mirror with a diameter of 3 inches with a wide field of view.

* Please note that it cannot be installed on SHIMANO STI after 2010.
* Installable STI: ST3304, ST3309, ST3400, ST4400, ST4500, ST5510, ST5600, ST6510, ST6600, ST6600-G, ST6603, ST6603-G, ST7700-C, ST7703, ST7801, ST7803, ST-R500, ST-R600 , ST-R700

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