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MINOURA specializes in bike trainers and bike stands.
It is a bicycle storage hook bike hanger V that attaches directly to the wall or pillar of Minoura, which is a charisma of such a bike storage item.

Using this bike hanger V, we have introduced an actual usage example of making an original bike rack with a nice DIY technique without making a hole in the wall, so please refer to it ↓

Takumi is also surprised! Dramatic before and after.
"It's so easy to make a convenient and cool bike rack!" DIY technique.

-Bicycles can be stored vertically, making effective use of space.
-The hook is made of iron with a cover to prevent scratches on the rim, so it can be sufficiently supported even on heavy bicycles such as mountain bikes.

[Product features]
Material: Iron
Body size: W80 x D140 x H140mm
Tire width compatible size: up to 2.1 inches
Wheel compatible size: 18 ~ 29 inches
Product weight: 1.1kgs
Load capacity limit: up to 20 kg (depending on the wall structure)

[Caution / Restrictions]
Depending on the material of the mounting location, use the mounting method according to the material correctly.
When drilling a pilot hole, it is generally said that it is 70 to 80% of the screw diameter (about 3.5 to 4.0 mm), but for details, ask a person with specialized knowledge such as a carpenter or a person in charge of a home improvement store. Please decide at your own discretion.
The proof stress is insufficient with the wall plate alone, and the screws will come off due to the load and fall off. Be sure to use a reinforcing material or a special base material.
As a guide, we recommend a recommended thickness of at least 18 mm, preferably 24 mm or more for softwood plywood (veneer board) and OSB plywood.
In the case of a caical board or a fireproof board, it is not possible to attach it to a part without pillars on the base. Be sure to make sure that there is a structural material with sufficient thickness before installing.

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