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The concept is "mountains are everyday, towns are everyday"Simple zack

MINIMALIGHT has just released a new releaseIt is a simple zack that is easy to use even in the city while having the functions necessary for day trip mountain climbing.

When using it in the mountains ...

  • The main storage has an upper zipper opening and closing, and the inside has a simple structure with only a back pad pocket.
  • The front pocket has a key hook, which makes it easy to find the wallet and key.

  • The side pockets are made of X-PAC and stretchable stretch material, and the upper inside is filled with rubber to hold your luggage properly. Contains 2 350ml cans, 2 500ml PET bottles, 1L Nalgene bottles, etc.

  • The side belt at the top of the side pocket can be opened and closed and squeezed with a buckle. You can secure poles, hook clothes, and attach lightweight snowshoes.
  • The back side and shoulder belt use 3D mesh for comfort during exercise.

  • Waist belt and chest belt included

  • When using in the city ...

  • Considering the hassle of opening and closing for city use, a zipper is used for the main storage instead of a drawstring purse or roll top. Also, if the fasteners are placed large vertically, it will be difficult to use when attaching objects to the side, so we made it U-shaped at the top.

  • X-PAC VX21 with a little thickness and elasticity is used as the main material. I don't think it's always full of luggage for everyday use, but it retains a certain amount of form even when the luggage is small.

  • The main storage is a size that can store a 13-inch notebook PC in a case.

  • Because it is a small backpack, each part is as thin as possible and small ones are selected. While retaining the functions required outdoors, the design is as simple as possible so that the feeling of the outdoors does not appear too much when using it in the city.



    Size: Approximately 27.5 cm x 43 cm x 16 cm
    Capacity: 17 L (main 13 L + front pocket 2 L + side pocket 1 L x 2)
    Weight: 358 g (including waist and chest belt: 395 g)
    Material: X-Pac VX21, Polyester double raschel mesh, 4-way Stretch Poly

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