KRYPTONITE Evolution Lite Mini-6


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KRYPTONITE is the key to the United States, but a new model of the Evolution series, which is a standard messenger, has appeared.

Compared to the previous model 5, despite being significantly lighter due to the thinner U part, the security level remains unchanged at level 7 (HI SECURITY), and it can be easily cut with a bolt cutter. not.

Since the key hole is equipped with a shutter, it keeps out dust and dirt.

The U-shaped part is rubber coated.
One of the three included keys has an LED light. You can easily find the hole even in the dark.

* With spare key


Size: L156 x W70mm / External dimensions: L200 x W128mm
Key type: Key type
Security level: LEVEL7 (high security)
Weight: 0.74kg

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