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Innovative motorcycle security system equipped with alarm and search functions

SCOUTis an epoch-making bicycle security system that combines both warning and search functions.
When a bicycle equipped with SCOUT moves, a warning alarm of up to 80 dB is activated.
At the same time, it will automatically send a warning notification to the owner's iPhone.

If the stolen bicycle is left behind,
It is possible to specify the location by linking with the Apple "Find My" app.

Attach the included neon yellow silicone cover to appeal to the surroundings. Conversely, if you want to install it inconspicuously, you can install it without attaching the cover.
Its thin and compact design allows it to be bolted to the bottom of the bottle cage.

Activation and cancellation of the alarm can be performed at close range (within 1.5 m) from the button on the side of the main unit.
If you are within Bluetooth range, you can easily run it from the knog app.
Operates for up to 6 months on a single charge. It only needs to be recharged about twice a year.
You can charge it using the USB-C cable from the charging port without removing it from the bike.

Whether or not the alarm is operating can be visually checked with the built-in dual-function LED.
This LED also indicates the battery charging status.

SCOUT's waterproof function is IP66.
There is no problem even if you use or store it in rainy weather, or perform jet cleaning while it is attached.


Size: H106mm x W26mm x L8mm
Weight : 25g
Maximum alarm volume: 85dB
Charging time : 4 hours
Maximum operating time: about 6 months
Operating temperature : -20℃~50℃
Communication standard: Bluetooth
Charging method: USB C rechargeable
Mounting method: bottle cage pedestal (hard-to-remove security bolt included)
Waterproof : IP66 waterproof
Supported devices: iOS only (Appel products such as iPhone / Apple Watch / iPad / Mac)
Compatible apps: Apple's Find My app / knog app (requires ios15.0 or higher)

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