KENT ERIKSEN The Sweetpost (30.9)

Color: Pink

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Titanium, which is a little special for cyclists, is lightweight and highly rigid, and has a beauty not found in other materials.
It is a longing material released by a limited number of brands such as MOOTS, LYNSKY, SEVEN, BLACKSHEEP, PANASONIC with their own sense.

Kent Eriksen Cycles is a brand currently produced by Kent Eriksen, the founder of MOOTS. Of course, this seatpost named The Sweetpost is also Titanium. This model is a straight type.

The 300mm length model weighs about 194g.

Also, the method of bolting the caps on both sides to fix the saddle rail is so easy that you don't have to worry about changing the saddle or adjusting the angle, and there is also new fun in choosing a color.

  • The seatpost diameter is 30.9.
  • 20mm setback.
  • The length is only 300mm.
  • Please refer to the image below for the color. (Please select in the option item)
  • kent eriksen cycles sweetpost
  • The corresponding saddle is a 7mm round type (round pipe) rail saddle, which is a general saddle setting. Please note that it is not compatible with saddles such as some carbon rails, oversized pipes, and elliptical type rails. (If you are uneasy, please contact us from the inquiry)
  • When installing, insert the rail from the back of the yagura, adjust the angle, align the thread of the yagura, and tighten the bolt.
    The recommended tightening torque is 12-15N / m.
  • The weight is 300mm = about 194g.

  • It is a must-have item for the last squeeze of your favorite bicycle.

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