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Speaking of chains made in Japan, IZUMI, but specially designed for the Tokyo Olympics, this Super Toughness KAI chain has a new coating on the plate, bushing and rollers with a very smooth and highly functional new coating. We have succeeded in reducing resistance and drag by 10% compared to the conventional model V Super Toughness.

IZUMI's V Super Toughness Single Speed Chain is one of the strongest, most durable and most beautiful chains made of the highest quality Japanese steel,This Super Toughness KAI specially designed for the Tokyo OlympicsThe plates, bushes and rollers that make up the chain are coated with a highly functional coating that is highly slidable and durable. In addition, seamless bushing is also used to improve sliding durability. Professional bicycle riders appreciate its strength and efficient power transmission. In addition, the pins are made of high carbon alloy, which is often used for low friction ball bearings, and the durability is improved by 300% compared to ordinary chains, making it the highest peak chain certified by NJS.

A specially developed surface treatment improves wear resistance and achieves unrivaled smoothness. One of the charms is the calm color that does not stand out.



Type: Single speed
Connect type: Bolt & nut
Number of links: 106L
Size: Thick teeth (1/2 "x 1/8")
Material: Steel

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