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HYACINTH / hyacinth Is a rack company created by Ukrainian bicycle lovers in 2016. All racks are hand made in Ukraine using good quality stainless steel made in the United States.

Caravan is the most versatile and basic porter style front rack in the lineup.Not only can you take advantage of the loading capacity of the top plate, but you can also attach a pannier bag to the side legs, so it can be used widely from commuter to touring bikes.

The parts to be attached to the fork end can be mounted on the hub axle or rack eyelet depending on the vehicle body, and can also be mounted using the middle eyelet of the fork.

The material used is AISI 304, which is the top grade of stainless steel. Unlike other steel materials and aluminum alloys, it is viscous and does not cause unexpected cracks or chips.

Finishing is a polymer coating that forms a strong plastic layer as it is fired in the oven as it changes from monomer to polymer and is pressure-bonded to the metal. There are various textures from glossy to matte with deep texture, but it is also very stable from a mechanical point of view, making it a paint suitable for use under harsh conditions.



Top plate size: length x width / 250 x 250mm
Weight: 835g (avg.)
Material: Stainless steel

Of the color lineup, SILVER has a unique color such as white gray. It is recommended as a color that looks great as an accent color.

* Each rack has a unique finish called polymer coating. This is a sturdy paint that is also used to paint the exterior walls of buildings.

Due to its robustness, the paint film may be chipped or cracked in places where local force is applied on the mounting such as the clamp part of the stay, but it can be used functionally without any problem.

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