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The most beautiful aluminum mudguards in the world are made at the small town factory in Sumida Ward, Tokyo. Since its founding in 1949, it has a history of being installed on various types of bicycles such as landners, tourers and sportifs, providing excellent functionality and looks.


What can we do to create a new and bigger wave without ending this new bike culture that we are in the midst of, starting at the beginning of this century with ripples? The wave may have started with the keyword "bicycle", but rather than ending the story as a mere object, since we are involved in it, we connect people, connect with nature, and I think that the essential theme should be to connect to the results of production, generation of demand, and creation of the city. SimWorks approached development and mass production, believing that the end is to make the world better, and in the end it is nothing but the "hands" and "heads" that continue to move hard to create the world. The destination is this "Honsho Koken".

An elegant hexagonal mudguard reminiscent of a golden Nishikigoi. The turtle shell pattern, which is the secret of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, complements the texture of brass and creates a rich sense of volume.

Comes with standard mounting bracket.

Material: Brass
Wheel Size: 700c
Tire Size: ~ 32mm

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