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The popularity of the ESI grip, which can be said to be one of the best grips, has several factors. Especially mountain cyclistsThe favorite points of this grip are the excellent comfort, cushioning, and durability of this grip.

The ESI grips are made of silicone, so in addition to comfort and performance, they are very long lasting and easy to maintain / clean. And another advantage of silicone material is that it is not sticky when exposed to strong sunlight. Another big factor is that the silicone grips are very lightweight.

You can easily cut it to shorter lengths if needed.

The extra chunky version of the ESI grip is made with a grip diameter of 34mm thicker than a regular chunky for added comfort.



The ESI grip is designed to fit snugly on the handle for safety and importance. For ease of installation, it is recommended to lightly coat the inner diameter of the grip with isopropyl alcohol before installation. Rest assured that alcohol will volatilize as soon as you attach the grip.


Weight: 80g (pair)
Length: 130mm
Outer diameter: 34mm(Attached state)

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