GROWTAC Equal Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper Drop(Post Mount)


colour: Gray
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GROWTAC is a Japanese manufacturer that develops and sells bicycle-related products. We develop products for various bicycles.

has received a lot of attention these days,EQUAL 's mechanical disc brakes offer the world's highest level of "braking power" and "lightness" as well as the peace of mind of maintenance that is unique to mechanical brakes.

Severe braking in road races and cyclocross,Corresponding to troubles in cycling and long rides,It is a next-generation brake system that is easy to use in various scenes.

World's lightest classCaliper

In order to achieve both high rigidity and lightness, we used high-strength super duralumin and machined almost all parts of the caliper with high precision. As a mechanical disc brake caliper,World's lightest 136g(including brake pads, flat mount). The entire brake system, including cables, is equivalent to a high-grade hydraulic brake system. It is also recommended for serious racers and hill climbers who are concerned about weight.

of the brake systemTotal design

Total design of brake system including cables and pads. A special hard outer casing with little deformation,high transmission efficiency. inner cable NISSEN slick stainless steel cable,lightness of pull. The brake pads are jointly developed with Vesrah, using resin-based ceramic semi-metal (EVO RESIN) friction materials and aluminum back plates.High braking power and high durability. High quality all the performance required for brakes. Of course it's all set.


Equipped with the world's first brake feeling adjustment system. It is possible to adjust the brake feeling according to your weight and preference. Emphasize controllability, strengthen the initial braking force, and so on. In addition, since the pad clearance can be adjusted steplessly independently on the left and right, it is also possible to make fine adjustments.

best brake line

EQUAL is also particular about the brake line. The optimal brake line has less sliding resistance, so brake pull is lighter and transmission efficiency is improved. Easy to install and looks neat.


Color: Gray, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple
Mount Type: Post Mount
Compatible Lever: Road Cantilever Lever (Short Pull)
Not compatible with V-brake levers.
Caliper body weight: 137g

・Disc brake caliper ×2
・Dedicated cable set for drop handle x 2
・Mounting bolt set x 2

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