DIA-COMPE MX-2 Brake Lever

colour: All Polish
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DIA-COMPE MX-2 BL, one of Japan's leading bike component manufacturers, has been custom-made by BLUE LUG, a well-known store in Tokyo, in a color that does not normally exist in the lineup. Special Brake LeverA compact size brake lever that fits well.

It also has a firm and comfortable grip when you hold it, and by switching the position of the cable holder inside the lever, you can use it with either V brakes or caliper/cantilever brakes.

*The compound used during polishing may remain on the surface. Thank you for your understanding.


Material: Aluminum
Compatible brakes: V-brakes, caliper/cantilever brakes
Corresponding inner cable: For MTB (Tyco type)
Handle diameter: for 22.2mm
left and right pair

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