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The idea of editing.
Don't pick up things that don't impress you. Write in your own words.
Even if there is a problem, if it is wonderful, recommend it while pointing out the problem.
Checking the manuscript of the interviewee should be limited to confirming the facts.
From the perspective of long-life design, pick up only those that last long.
Do not exaggerate photography with a special lens. Take the picture as it is.
Keep in touch with the places and people mentioned after the publication.

Concept of selection of coverage targets.
It's like that land.
To convey the important message of the land.
What the local people are doing.
The price is reasonable.
There is a design ingenuity.

"D design travel" is published by D & Department (D & D) as a "travel guide from a design perspective", one for each prefecture in turn.

D & D's idea of design is not just cool or cute, but the etymology of design, "to symbolize the plan," that is, "a way to solve problems."

From that perspective, the essence of the land, which is not obsolete, emerges from people, shops, towns, industries, and history.

Activities on the theme of long life designD & DEPARTMENT PROJECT However, in each of the 47 prefectures, the long-lasting "individuality" and "characteristics" of the land are selected from a design perspective and summarized as a tourist guide."D design travel"is.



Yamanashi doesn't look like anywhere.

It is located almost in the center of Japan, and most of it is mountainous except for the Kofu basin. A delicious bakery, a good hot spring inn, and an incredibly delicious soba restaurant just put up a small sign on the road and do nothing else. Yamanashi is a prefecture that seems to be laughing cleanly, saying that it should be understood only by those who understand it, while being modest.


Manufacturer D & DEPARTMENT PROJECT Remarks B5 size deformation
Page 184
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ISBN: 978-4-903097-07-7
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