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The personality of Robbie Morales, nicknamed Robo, who is familiar to riders all over the world and creates harmony between professional riders beyond the walls of his brand, has been imitated by anyone since his rider debut. I couldn't. He started his career as a professional rider on a standard motorcycle and became a popular professional with his speed, simple and stylish riding style and his personality. After joining the founding members of Terrible One, he moved to S & M in 2001 and became the main founding member / team manager of FIT BIKE, raising FIT into a new top brand.

In 2010, he started as the first brand owner in his life with the new school BMX brand CULT. Enthusiastic in today's street BMX world, including Chase Dehart, Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy and Baz Keep. No other brand has so many popular riders. It is the focus of attention around the world as to what CULT Robo will steer this enthusiastic group and grow the brand into.

CULT designed the sole pattern of VANS shoes, and that MADE IN USA grip brand ODI is in charge of production. It is a gem created by ODI, which has a good reputation for its exquisite compound!

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