COLOR: Silver
LENGTH: 170mm
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Component manufacturer in California,WHITE INDUSTRIESManufacturers who produce high-quality parts by machined aluminum with beautiful modeling are closely related to the builder community in California and have long been fans.

The R30 crank has a beautiful finish like that of White Industries, but instead of a square BB, it uses a 30mm spindle and is designed to meet the standards of many existing frames.

It is a model made for road bikes and can be attached to many bikes. The attachable bottom bracket can be BSA, T47, or Press Fit 30.

*Please note that the chainring and bottom bracket are sold separately.

*The standard Extractor Cap has been changed to Gold.

[R30 crank]

  • Crank length: 170mm
  • Chain line: 1x: 46.5mm / 2x: 45mm
  • Q factor: 157.2mm
  • Weight: 560g
  • Color: Black or Silver

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