THOMSON Aluminum Dirt Drop Bar


SIZE: 44cm
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Thomson, an aluminum parts manufacturer with 30 years of extensive technology and experience in computer controlled machining equipment (CNC).

The product, which is made based on high reliability and strength design that is entrusted with the parts used for the aircraft of the two largest companies in the aircraft industry, is serious even in the recent market where many carbon parts are lined up. It fits a variety of bikes, from race bikes to trail bikes to touring bikes, and features high quality items that can be used for a long time.

This Dirt Drop Bar is a wide aluminum drop bar with an emphasis on dirt rides such as cyclocross and gravel bikes. It has a shape that flares moderately toward the bar end, and it is a handle for people who want to go anywhere, which can be pressed firmly with the lower handle when running on rough roads. 



Flare: 25 °
Drop: 130mm
Reach: 105mm
Material: Aluminum

Made In USA

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