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Underground comic master Robert Crumb, proudly recommended by Circles Books, is the deepest and most vulgar self-affirmation of his comics and sketchbooks he always carries with him. He established his position by expressing the sides without embarrassment and nakedness. If you want to know him betterInterviews in many mediaAnd the Sundance Award-winning film director Terry Zwigoff's documented film "ClamIf you have a chance, I highly recommend it because you can see its beautiful and strange life. He is also active as a musician and is world-famous as a collector of 78-turn vintage records.

The legendary underground comic WEIRDO cover art (both published and unpublished) comes in 40 cards in a gift box. On the back of most cards, in addition to Clam himself, DREW FRIEDMAN, JUSTIN GREEN, KIM DEITCH, ALINR KOMINSKY-CRUMB, CAROL TYLER, PETER BAGGE, DORI SEDA, JIM WOODRING, S. CLAY WILSON, MARY BAGGE, Freaky Biography and images of underground and outlaw cartoonists who contributed to WEIRDO such as Factoids are posted.

R. Crumb's Weirdo Card Set has the same format as other R. Crumb box card sets. 40 trading cards (+3 bonus cards) are in a fashionable 3 "x 4" x 7/8 "box.

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