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Underground comic master Robert Crumb, proudly recommended by Circles Books, is the deepest and most vulgar self-affirmation of his comics and sketchbooks he always carries with him. He established his position by expressing the sides without embarrassment and nakedness. If you want to know him betterInterviews in many mediaAnd the Sundance Award-winning film director Terry Zwigoff's documented film "ClamIf you have a chance, I highly recommend it because you can see its beautiful and strange life. He is also active as a musician and is world-famous as a collector of 78-turn vintage records.

Mr. Natural, the longest-lived character in Robert Crumb's work, is back in the Mr. Natural Postcard Book by Dennis Kitchen Publishing. This beloved guru (or real mystic?) Is the most profound ("where is the end of everything?"), The puzzle ("sometimes just sitting and staring"), angry. It depicts standing up ("If you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer"), and being practical ("Getting the right tools for your job").

The postcard is made of heavy material and has perforations for easy separation.

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