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Drop set 5 42mm / 52mm

Type DropSetâ„¢, DropSet 5
S.H.I.S. Upper: IS 42/28 45°
Lower: IS 52/40 45°

*Upper bearings are compatible with head tube bearing receptacles with a depth of 6.85 to 7.05mm. This is different from Drop Set 2.

Based on over 40 years of expertise in manufacturing high quality headsets with a basic axis of high performance bearings that are manufactured in-house, Chris King is proud to introduce the first integrated headset from Chris King, InC DropSetâ„¢. The project is based on the expertise of Chris King in the production of high quality headsets based on high performance bearings.

The project was designed completely from the ground up, starting with tests that analyzed the forces during use of the integrated and press-fit headsets to discover the inherent problems that needed to be addressed.

The most demanding challenge to overcome is that the integrated headset is set into the frame without being press-fitted. If the bearings are not set tight, they will move and preload will be lost rapidly. As preload is lost, the load on the bearings increases, leading to damage and failurE

This is where Chris King's proprietary GripLockâ„¢ system comes in. The result of years of trial and error by Chris King, this system is a patented design that secures the fork steerer in place with a unique system. The GripLockâ„¢ system ensures that the DropSetâ„¢ maintains a much higher preload than the competition and is impervious to any impact from the road or adverse bearing effects such as emergency braking.

More notably, DropSetâ„¢ is available with a choice of steel or ceramic bearings. This is the first time that Chris King has released a headset with ceramic bearings . Ceramic bearings offer superior wear resistance and rotational performance, and are more durable than traditional in-house manufactured steel bearings, reducing maintenance and extending the life of the headset.

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