CATEYE Cartridge Battery BA-3.4


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A large-capacity rechargeable light cartridge battery compatible with volt 800/700.
Easy replacement type that just twists and tightens without using tools.
Although it is USB rechargeable, it also supports a quick charging cradle (sold separately).


Replacement lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Product number: CT5342681
Capacity: 3.6V 3400mAh
Corresponding model: Bolt 800/700 (HL-EL471RC / HL-EL470RC)
Charging method: USB rechargeable
Charging time: Approximately 5 hours with 1A or more input, Approximately 9 hours with 0.5A input

[Battery handling]

・ When charging for the first time or when not using for a long time: If the rechargeable battery is left for a long time, the voltage will drop due to self-discharge, so please charge it before use.

・ Caution when charging: Avoid charging in a car under the scorching sun or in direct sunlight, and keep the ambient temperature within the range of 5-40 ° C. Be sure to unplug it after charging is complete. Make sure that there is no foreign matter such as dust on the charging plug before charging. Do not vibrate while charging

-Precautions for use: Charging, discharging, and storing at high temperatures accelerates the deterioration of the rechargeable battery, so do not place it in a car or near a heater. If the lighting time is significantly reduced even after charging correctly, it means that the rechargeable battery has deteriorated.

・ Precautions for storage: If you do not use the product for a long period of time, store it away from high temperature and humidity. In addition, please charge for about 30 minutes once every six months.

・ Precautions for disposal: Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries can be recycled. When the battery has reached the end of its life, attach a disconnection tape to the contact point and take it to a rechargeable battery recycling store. Dispose of products with a structure in which the rechargeable battery cannot be separated from the light body as non-burnable garbage.

* We can't ship "Battery itself" to overseas. Thank you for your understanding.

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