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BROOKS 2020 limited edition ministry!

Unable to afford a new horse, Brooks borrowed a bicycle from a friend, but he was unhappy with the discomfort of the saddle and vowed to do something about it himself.
On October 28, 1882, Mr. Brooks finally applied for a patent for his revolutionary saddle.

The completely new concept of the padded comfort saddle, which was announced shortly after, was revolutionary for its time, and many cyclists were amazed and praised the saddle. With this success, Mr. Brooks began to produce extremely beautiful handmade saddles, bags, and other accessories for bicycles and motorcycles, and today the BROOKS name is known throughout the world.

The Cambium series is an innovative saddle that was introduced after 7 years of development. Made of hardened natural rubber and organic cotton canvas reinforced by a thin layer of fiber structure, the saddle offers flexibility and Brooks' traditional long-lasting use. The uniquely flexible, maintenance-free, waterproof saddle top is designed to provide comfort and ease of use for the rider.

This special Cambium model has an organic cotton seat top and an anodized aluminum base for the saddle base.
The saddle width is 162mm, making it a great comfort saddle for long distance touring as well as for experiencing moderate rebound.

The front and rear bases that support the rails are made not from conventional steel, but from liquid wood, a byproduct of wood production at paper mills, which is made from recyclable plant fiber extracted during the production of pulp for paper manufacturing.

While extremely durable, this material is lighter than conventional steel bases and is nature-friendly.The seating comfort enables comfortable cycling from touring to city riding.

Reminiscent of the color of the leather saddle riveted model B17SPECIAL, the copper rivet fits beautifully on any bike.

Overall length 283mm
WIDTH 162mm
Height 52mm
Weight Approx. 410g (±5g)

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