Hole: 32H
Color: Silver
¥7,920 ¥8,800

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Originally designed for daily training at bicycle racing schools, the RC-540 features classic thin 18.8mm sidewalls like the Araya Tubular Rim, which is famous for bicycle racing vehicles. As it is a clincher rim, it is also ideal for everyday street riding.

The RC-540, which is the lightest in its class at the practical use level and has many achievements, isSpoke eyelets (eyelets) are also used,Featuring a soft silver alumite finish and a classic thin classic look, you can enjoy NJS-style bike builds while using clincher tires.

Made in Japan



Size: 700c
Type: Clincher
Width: 18.8mm
ERD: 606.3mm
Number of holes: 32, 36H
Color: Anodized Silver
Weight: 445g

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